Sunday, January 26, 2014

Here's to you Ellyse!

Okay, I know. My last post was in September. I told you to stay tuned for fall recipes and none of that happened. I am very sorry to let you down. My excuse is school. Nothing you haven't heard before. School is kicking my butt big time this quarter. I am taking the last of my statistics classes (where I have to conduct my own experiment and complete a research paper on it), my capstone class (where we talk about different views in psychology, actually an interesting class) and positive psychology (where my professor asks us things like, "What is happiness?"). Whenever I tell other psychology students what classes I am taking, they say, "Jeez, why are you doing that to yourself? That's a big load." My answer is always, "because I want to graduate by spring." So in the days where I feel overwhelmed and find that I cannot read another sentence, I think about why I am here. I think about all the things I want for myself.

Unfortunately, I do not have another recipe for you just yet. I am trying to figure out my camera situation. And by trying to figure out my camera situation, I mean remembering to bring my camera from home....and the worst blogger award goes to Marissa! I hope you readers (all three of you) don't lose hope with this blog. I love this blog so much, I love sharing recipes, doing food styling and writing these posts. Sometimes I like to imagine that there is some person out there who stumbled upon my blog and decides to try one of my recipes. Or cracks a smile at one of my horrible jokes....Anyways, I am here to say, I haven't forgotten about you blog. I swear I haven't. Once I graduate this spring, I am back full force (that actually sounds a bit scary...).

Before I leave you, I wanted to dedicate this post to the beautiful Ms. Marx. Ellyse, my Australian roommate last quarter was one of the most beautiful, kind-spirited and funniest human beings I've ever met. Her sunny spirit and personality lit up my days and I will always think of her as a best friend. Lately, I have been feeling kind of down and hopeless (maybe it's winter blues), but I saw a card that Ellyse gave me before she went back to Australia, and it brought a tear to my eye (wow...this post is getting really cheesy really fast). I hope you don't mind that I post what you wrote me, love, it's just that your card helps so much.
So here it goes...
"Marissa, Marissa, my gorgeous Marissa...What to say about the most gorgeous girl in Bellingham? I LOVE YOU to the moon and back! I will always cherish your beautiful smile and kind spirit. I am truly blessed to have met such an amazing soul. But this is not goodbye-just see you later mate! I'll be saying "g'day" again in the very near future, I know it! Until then, chin up, smile because its contagious and always remember "there is no hard work that ever goes unrewarded". You are beautiful. Stand tall. You're gonna go far, kid...Look after Ryan (Gosling) for me! He loves it when you do the dishes...he loves it even more when you do yoga in the lounge room! Haha. All my love,
I love you so much girl! So here is the lesson kids, go out and make an Australian best friend! No, I'm kidding (kind of), when you are feeling down, remember that you are loved and that you deserve admiration as much as the flowers!
All my love,
Ohhh!! I almost forgot! I do have one picture for you! I recently bought some organic carrots at the farmer's market, and this little guy made it into my bag:) I named him Eddie and I loved him dearly...until he shriveled a week later...
Here we have Eddie with Little Felt Man next to the blender